A Crime to a Pentacle

by Chris Casey Logsdon

"A Crime to a Pentacle" is from Silver Webb's All Hallows' Eve: The Thinning Veil, an anthology of 13 wicked tales, now available in our bookstore and on Amazon.

Every 50 years or so, Evie Martin noticed that she’d put on a few pounds. It wasn’t something she thought much about until she was running for her life.

Wet Atlantic air slapped her face, pushing the smells of the city into her lungs, aromas of old fish and petroleum. The wraiths giving chase were close on her heels, their smell sickly sweet like dying jasmine.

She huffed and hurdled into space, eyes on the dark shadow of the ledge in front of her. Jumping roofs was a kids’ game, an urban trick she’d learned from Henri and made manifest through her magic. She’d thank him when she got home—if she got home—if her arts and his damned parkour saved her again.

Minutes flew by. The distance between her and the pack grew. Hope flickered that she might not die in Brooklyn.