All Hallows' Eve: Mt. Auburn Danse Macabre

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

by Silver Webb

The following excerpt of "Mt. Auburn Danse Macabre" is from Silver Webb's All Hallows' Eve: The Thinning Veil, an anthology of 13 wicked tales, now available in our bookstore and on Amazon.

Lafayette had expected to spend the night in a Harvard dorm room or a basement in rent-controlled Chinatown, not a crumbling Victorian in South Boston. Ringed by weeds and dirty needles, the house was a mauve mourning gown, slowly slouching into the uneven sidewalk. The woman next to him on the bed, no less macabre or inert, unaware of the danger she was in.

“Oh, dark goddess,” the lump of fishnet and doom groaned. “Make it stop.”

“I can’t stop the sun from shining.” Lafayette didn’t like the light streaming through the curtains any more than she did. Strange symbols swam on the slate-grey ceiling of what had once been a fine parlor, now stripped down by the years. Lafayette knew the feeling. Rendered in chalk were drawings of Hecate, a murder of crows, the scimitar moon. Sigils of sorts. Signs. Every Goth girl in Boston had one tattooed on her arm.

“Coffee. Coffeeeeeeeeee