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Announcing Laila Alamiri as Guest Editor of Art for Santa Barbara Literary Journal, Volume 4

I am delighted to have Laila as the guest editor of art for Volume 4. You may have noted that our theme for Volume 4 is "Stardust," and this was directly inspired by Laila's art show "Stardust & Satisfaction" that is currently up at her place, the Glenn Dallas Gallery on State Street. Her eclectic, beautiful gallery is am amazing space, and she has shown remarkable resilience in creating a place where art and creativity flourish. Laila will be curating the art for Volume 4, so stay tuned to see what she puts together. And by all means, stop by the gallery while Stardust & Satisfaction is up, it is a confection of pop candy and counter-culture.

Laila Alamiri is a photographer, installation artist and art collector who has devoted her young adult life to working for arts non profit organizations and museums. She launched Glenn Dallas Gallery in November, 2018 with start up funds from selling her grandfather’s home. His name was Glenn Dallas Frazier. 

Stardust & Satisfaction: Art & Music is the gallery’s fifth exhibition, featuring work from 50 artists. Music, musicians and festival culture is what this show is about. Stop by 927 State St. before September 10 to see the exhibition, and check out for a list of upcoming events. 

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