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Announcing the Publication of Santa Barbara Literary Journal Volume 8: Moon Drunk

We are so pleased to announce the publication of the Santa Barbara Literary Journal, Volume 8, titled "Moon Drunk." This issue, inspired by Tom Waits' song "Drunk on the Moon," features an amazing collection of poetry organized by Shelly Lowenkopf, a great Lyrics section thanks to our music editor Dennis Russell, short stories by many talented writers, including Chella Courington, Ted Chiles, Max Talley, DJ Palladino, and many others. The beautiful cover art is by James-Paul Brown.

Available on Amazon or from our bookstore!

For more details, click here.

Complete list of Contents:

Listening to the Moon

by Heather Bartos

It is Late and Dark and You’re No Lantern

by Amy McNamara

The Rabbit’s Foot by Stephen Dean Ingram

Under a New Moon

and Blue Hour

by Chella Courington

Destination Unknown

by Max Talley

And She Lay There in the Moonlight

by Ted Chiles

One Drop of Dew

by Lori Anaya


by Alexis Rhone Fancher


The Visiting Poet,

and Ishmael and me by Fritz Feltzer

Demon Nova

and Subliminal Radio Blues

by Christopher Chambers

Snow Men

by Joe Ducato

November When Dark Comes Early

by Mary Elizabeth Birnbaum

Random Pieces Pilfered from Chapter 17, Last Chance Texaco by Rickie Lee Jones by Gary Carter

Cento: A Nation Divided

by Beth Copeland

Moon-Drunk Angel Mine

by Marco Etheridge

La Fille aux Cheveux du Lin

by Shelly Lowenkopf

Lyrics The Moon

by Rebecca Troon

Relic of a Rose

by Jen Hajj and Laura Hemenway

Melancholy Tattoo

by Steve Werner

That’s What The Whiskey is For

by Tom Prosada-Rao


by Cate Graves, Bob Rea, & Ben Rea

Four Walls and a Murphy Bed

by Dennis Russell

The Night I Met George Jones

by Marty Axelrod

Gasoline & Liquor

by Natalie D-Napoleon & Brett Leigh Dicks

Trouble In a Bottle

by Britta Lee Shain

The Party Goes On

by James Houlahan

Down the Rabbit Hole

Werewolves on the Mesa:

An Interview With DJ Palladino

by Silver Webb

Werewolf, Texas, Prologue

and Werewolf, Texas, Chapter 3

by DJ Palladino

Art “The Kiss” and “Piano Player, 1996” by James-Paul Brown

"The Influencer,"

"Front Page,"

and "Untiltled"

by Laura Hemenway

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