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Announcing the Publication of the Fifth Fedora

In Fall 2022, Borda Books and Wilder Utopia Publishing will co--publish The Fifth Fedora: An Anthology of Weird Noir & Stranger Tales, curated by Jack Eidt and Silver Webb.

We're very proud to feature these talented writers and friends of Stephen T. Vessels, whom this anthology is in honor of.

The First Fedora: Angels & Devils

"Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy, Oi Oi Oi" by Zane Andrea

"A Million Lost Souls Plus One" by Christina Lay

"Fallen Angels" by Max Talley

"It’s Up to You" by John R. Reed

The Second Fedora: Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies

"The First Death" by Silver Webb

"Nutcracker and the Shapeshifter" by Jack Eidt

"Son of the Sea" by Avery Faeth

The Third Fedora: The Blue-Green Sky

"The Dragon’s Wing" by Maryanne Knight

"From the Journal of Dr. Eduard Charivari"

by Monte Schulz

"The Ki Trees" by Stephen T. Vessels

"The Lost Fedora" by Rick Shaw

The Fourth Fedora: Swamp & Charm

"Lucky Charms" by Frederick Williams

"The Lakeshore Lounge" by Cheryl Owen-Wilson

"Good Swampers" by Chris Casey Logsdon

The Fifth Fedora: Snake & Bone

"The King of Bones" by Eric Witchey

"La Serpiente" by Cynthia Ray

"Angel in my Corner" by Stacy Allen

"Unrequited Loss" by Elizabeth Engstrom

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