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Announcing the Publication of the Santa Barbara Literary Journal, Vol 4, "Stardust"

Dear reader,

Twas, oh, at least two months ago, the Mistress of Song and I ambled into Laila Alamiri’s Glenn Dallas Art Gallery, and took in an art show called “Stardust and Satisfaction,” inspired by pop music and festival culture. I am, it may be admitted, an ardent fan of David Bowie, who partially inspired this eclectic, inventive art show.

David Bowie wasn’t afraid to make an ass of himself. He spent entire decades experimenting with music that was in no way commercial. He looked sharp in a rubber body suit and never stopped inventing himself, creating. When he was bad, he still had panache. And when he was good, he was a pop god from another planet, a champion of the weird. So I took a cue from Laila’s art show, and asked writers to consider the theme of stardust, whatever that means to them: Ziggy Stardust, the dust of stars, celebrity, drugs...all things David Bowie touched on at one time or another.

You will find such things and more sprinkled throughout Volume 4. Laura Hemenway, our Mistress of Song, has prepared a section called “The Dance.” Our guest editor of poetry,  Chella Courington, has assembled a stellar selection of poetry. And Laila Alamiri, our guest editor of art, has given you some beautiful images to consider. Artist Marlyn Daggett graces the cover with her paintings “Listen to Music” and “High Art.” And did I mention the interview of T.C. Boyle? Max Talley conducts a pithy as heck interview, and Mr. Boyle does not disappoint with his answers.

I hope you love these strange and beautiful offerings as much as I do.


Silver Webb

The Editrix

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