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Literary Hooligans from Carpinteria to Take over Lit Jo? Perish the Thought!

We’re delighted to announce that Volume 11 will be a collaboration between the Santa Barbara Literary Journal and Polyverse Publishing in Carpinteria. Louis Force Torres, the publisher at Polyverse, is also the owner of Lantern Tree Books in Carpinteria, which is quickly becoming a hub of literary activity.

Meet Louis!

The Editrix Silver Webb, Associate Editor Maryanne Knight, Music Editor Dennis Russell, and Guest Editor Louis Force Torres will pull out all the stops to create magic of a poetic, fictional, and tunesy variety, highlighting the writing, art, and music of Carpinteria and beyond. Has the Santa Barbara Literary Journal become The Carpinteria Literary Journal? Never say never, Mr. Bond! ;)

Of course, we'll consider submissions from all corners of the globe, but we might smile a little harder if you let us know you're from Carp or Santa Barbara. We're looking for art, fiction, flash, poetry, lyrics, and hey, the Editrix is in such a loosey goosey mood, we might even consider essays and nonfiction. Has the Editrix been hitting the catnip a little too hard and lost her feline mind? All her best ideas, let's face it, have started off with "This might sound a little crazy, but..." So, welcome Louis and Polyverse, and let's see what we can do!


Submission window: April 1 – July 1.

The usual submission rules apply. See our sub page here.

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