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Nocturnal Nescience by Melinda Palacio

Volume 10: Satellite of Love is fortunate to have the work of nine of Santa Barbara's Poets Laureate. Melinda Palacio is the current Poet Laureate.

Nocturnal Nescience

by Melinda Palacio

Last night, I heard the owl again.

A judge without her parliament communes with a dove.

She holds fast to her power line, not meaning to lock

A feathered eye on me.

Me: There is much to mourn this orange-streaked morn.

You: Insert any name.

Her encoded verdict delivered to a mourning dove.

Back and forth coos interspersed by knowing hoots.

Comfort in the universal language of birds

Comes without a price: Gratitude.

You: No longer roaming the earth.

Me: Guilty, awake at night, craving a crispy wing,

I remember a raw truth…

I never told you how much I love you.

Each of the Poets Laureate has their own section in Volume 10. Melinda's is titled "Long Long Time." To purchase Volume 10, visit out bookstore or amazon. Volume 10 will be in local Santa Barbara bookstores in late February.

Melinda is the current Poet Laureate of Santa Barbara. She is the author of the novel, Ocotillo Dreams, winner of the Mariposa and Josephine Miles awards. Her poetry collection, How Fire Is a Story, Waiting, was a finalist for the Milt Kessler Award, the Paterson Prize, and received First Prize in Poetry at the 2013 ILBA. In 2015, the Academy of American Poets, featured her work. Her latest book is Bird Forgiveness. She is a musician and she writes a poetry column for the Santa Barbara Independent.

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