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Portrait of a Saint with Schwinn and BBQ Sauce by Chryss Yost

Volume 10: Satellite of Love is fortunate to have the work of nine of Santa Barbara's Poets Laureate. Chryss Yost was Poet Laureate from 2013-2015.

Portrait of a Saint with Schwinn and BBQ Sauce

by Chryss Yost

After Niccolo di Buonaccorso’s “Saint Lawrence”

I can tell you there was no one more

in love with Jesus than I was one June

when I was about eleven, twelve.

I was pretty much like this icon here.

My simple face and then the goldness

that was really God and all his love.

I might be riding my bike home and think,

My whole life is a bike ride home to heaven.

Most of what I knew about the Lord

was from Christmas carols and AA

meetings where I sat in back with Mom.

And now this hippy farm church

where they did the whole pastor-

with-guitar-and-singer-wife scene.

There were a lot of dogs to pet there.

All it took was to say yes to God

and what did I have to lose? Nothing

except my sloth, maybe some coveting.

I tell you, it was bliss to know that He

had a plan and even I was part of it.

Even my peeling scabbed-up skin.

I felt it, riding home. My Destiny.

The track clear as a line to follow.

To bike down your street at sunset

and smell the dinner smells and know that

that chicken BBQ is at your own house,

and God has it, all of it, under control

if you just let him into your heart.

Saint Lawrence, I woulda been there

with you and the chicken on the grill,

while the empty-bellied neighbors

cussed and crushed their empty Buds.

Wherever He’d wanted me to go,

I would have followed him then.

Those summer loves, they burn

and burn, all the way through autumn.

Each of the Poets Laureate has their own section in Volume 10. Chryss's is titled "Everything

Made of Older Things." To purchase Volume 10, visit out bookstore or amazon. Volume 10 will be in local Santa Barbara bookstores in late February.

Chryss is a poet, designer, editor, and educator based in Santa Barbara, California. The author of Mouth & Fruit: Poems, her poems have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. She is the co-editor of Gunpowder Press, an independent poetry publisher, and principal of Sungold Editions. She served as Santa Barbara Poet Laureate from 2013-2015. She was awarded the Patricia Dobler Poetry Prize from Carlow University (selected by Patricia Smith) and has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. She is married to her favorite poet, George Yatchisin.

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