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Santa Barbara Writer's Conference 2023!

Updated: May 10, 2023

Silver Webb is the editrix of the Santa Barbara Literary Journal and will be a Manuscript Consultant for Santa Barbara Writer's Conference 2023.

Dear writing community,

I am thrilled that after a three-year hiatus, the Santa Barbara Writer's Conference will be returning with renewed enthusiasm. What is the connection between SBWC and Lit Jo, you ask? Well, the idea for the literary journal was first conceived of at the conference, during a writing group in the cantina. I looked around at amazing authors who deserved to be published and thought, "I could be the one who does that, couldn't I?" Many contributors and volunteers at Lit Jo are avid attendees of the conference, and it serves as a yearly gathering place for writers from Santa Barbara and beyond.

Monte Schulz, the owner of SBWC and contributor to our recently published The Fifth Fedora, will be teaching his popular "Voice and Style Workshop." Matthew Pallamary, contributor to our Hurricanes & Swan Songs anthology, will be teaching an amazing, if not infamous, workshop titled "Phantastic Fiction" that I recommend for anyone who writes Sci Fi, fantasy, or strange. Max Talley, the curator of our Delirium Corridor and M. M. De Voe's Flash of Darkness, will be teaching the essentials of successful literary submissions with his well-attended "Crafting & Submitting Your Writing" workshop. Perie Longo, who contributed her poetry to Volume 3: Bellatrix will be teaching her wonderful Poetry workshop. And John Reed, contributor to several Lit Jo volumes, will be resuming his position at the helm for one of the late-night Pirate Sessions. For all of the workshops, visit here.

I will be serving as one of the Manuscript Consultants this year, under my regular name of Angela Borda, so if you have a short story or novel excerpt you'd like feedback on, I'd be delighted to meet with you and discuss it, as would our other talented manuscript consultants. One consultation per registratioin is free, and then after that, they cost $45. For more information on what I'm looking for in terms of manuscripts, visit here.

I'm also honored to be participating in the aptly named "Publishing Seminar" with Holly Kammier, Patricia Marshall, and Chryss Yost on Thursday, June 22, 9-11:30 PM Pacific Ballroom. This year we have a great series of these seminars that focus on the business of writing. They are free for registered attendees of the conference, so please register for SBWC here and join us!

Many more attendees who are friends of and contributors to Lit Jo will be present, and I hope you'll join us to be part of this wonderful community. Thanks, as always, go to Grace Rachow, the conference Director.

Hope to see you there,

Silver Webb

SBLJ Editrix

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