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“Scene after scene, adventure after adventure, Dragons of Aeronoth captivates and enchants. A work of imaginative fiction of the first order—a coming-of-age story in an alternate reality that unfolds like a dream that won’t let loose–you won’t want to wake up. A mesmerizing epic fantasy of friendship and the wound that offers transformation, but only if you let it: a blistering read. A fully realized three-dimensional reality once discovered, you won’t put it down. And best of all, the characters linger." —Lawrence Spann, A Parable of Lies, Blood on the Page, Poet Healer

“Welcome to a fabulous, faraway world populated with demons and sorcerers, necromancers and assassins. A place where dragons sail on the 'howling grey winds of the netherworld.' Artfully crafted language and rich, sensory detail bring the story to life: Warriors wear: 'enchanted soft leather boots.' Wizards cast spells, warriors fight epic battles in the sky on the backs of fearsome dragons. A line of dialog sums it up: 'Once you’ve seen the world from the back of a dragon, nothing is the same.'" —John R. Reed, Thirteen Mountain, Dark Thirty, Shadow White as Stone

Let Dragons of Aeronoth draw you into the magical world of a dragon-riding academy and the journeys new friends must make as they become dragon warriors.

The necromancer VladKerLich is on his own journey, bludgeoning his way back through levels of astral hell, reclaiming power as he plots his return to the land of the living. He brings with him a dragon king and an army of shadow dragons intent on claiming revenge upon the dragon riders of Aeronoth and all living things.

Will of Asharad recovers in the healing chambers of Aeronoth after being physically shattered by an attack on his desert caravan. In his quest to rebuild himself, he joins the latest class of student dragon riders, works his arms in the forge, and finds his own strength as he transforms from former slave to dragon warrior of the sky.

The healer Misty brought Will back from the edge of death, yet she is on her own journey to becoming a warrior, breaking out of her family's expectations as she devotes herself to the fearsome art of thunderhead magic. Misty and Will's fate weaves together with that of Aeronoth, making a gripping tale of love, friendship, and bravery, as the threat of the necromancer's return sweeps over the desert horizon.

Victor Borda’s novel has been called “a compelling story” and “beautifully written with rich, vibrant characters.” He deftly explores bravery in both battle and love, the bonds of friendship in the triangle of dragon riders, dragons, and gnomes, and discards the tropes of what makes a healer and what makes a warrior.

Dragons of Aeronoth

  • Print length

    363 pages



    Publication date

    February 23, 2024


    6 x 0.91 x 9 inches




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