Where all the trouble began: Volume 1! Now yours in a sleek, colorful coffee mug. Cover art is by the talents Mary Freericks. The back has two quotes from Volume 1 content:

"Dear Mr. Jason Shipley,
Is it the human custom to insult customers? I ordered a polka-dot sun hat in good faith. My eldest squidling graduates tomorrow in the Octodome, the single most important event in a growing cephalophi’s life. He will endure the sting of lava eels, the torture of liquid deprivation, and blistering radiation. If I do not have a sun hat for this occasion, I too will be subjected to the deadly radiation of the sun. We have contracted for a sun hat, with free 2-day delivery. I will hold you to this, as will the Fair Trade Board of Andromeda.” -"Andromeda Prime" from Vol 1
"Who is to say what is literary? In my mind, if it is a story and it is well-written, it’s literature. I dislike the idea that literary fiction really means boring fiction, and that it is valued more than anything with a teaspoon of imagination to it.”
-Silver Webb, Editrix
famous last words
In terms of what size you order, the smaller ones hold almost two cups of coffee. If you, like we at Lit Jo, prefer buckets o' Joe, go for the bigger size!
• Ceramic
• Dishwasher and microwave safe
• White and glossy

Volume 1: Andromeda Mug