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Silver Webb


"I built my own empire out of car tires and chicken wire." -Ani DiFranco

An editor of 20 years,  Silver would like to think she is devoted to the exquisite art of writing.

Her food-writing and interviews have appeared in Food & Home, Still Arts Quarterly, and Pacifica Post. Her poetry has been in Peregrine and Burgeon. Her true love is fiction, and you can find her stories in Danse Macabre, Underwood, and The Good Life, as well as in the anthologies The Tertiary Lodger, Hurricanes & Swan Songs, Delirium Corridor, and Running Wild Anthology of Stories. When she is not word-smithing and dreaming her stories into being, she is on the hunt for sharp, descriptive, quirky writing to feature here, regardless of genre.

Assistant Editor


M.K. Knight has been an active participant in the Santa Barbara Writers Conference since 2012. Her short stories "The Demon Lover" and "Solipsicity" are featured in Volumes 2 and 5 of the Santa Barbara Literary Journal. M.K. lives in Southern California.

Dennis Russell  Music Editor

Santa Barbara-based singer-songwriter Dennis Russell has released 5 albums: My Little World, Primitive-Acoustic-Sensitive-Singer-Songwriter-Type-Guy, Golden, 7 of Townes, and Plain: Primitive-Acoustic-Sensitive-Singer-Songwriter-Type-Guy, Too. He has also self-published a book of short stories, That Fourth of July, and a book of poetry, Surfer Songs. For concert dates and recordings, visit

Lit Jo Emeritus

Max Talley
Associate Editor
Max Talley is a writer and artist from New York City, who lives in Southern California. His writing has appeared in Fiction Southeast, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Santa Fe Literary Review, Litro, Bridge Eight, Entropy,

Litbreak, and Atticus Review. Talley’s near-future novel was published in 2014, and his curated surreal anthology, Delirium Corridor, debuted in December 2020. He teaches a writing workshop at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference every summer, and at Santa Fe Workshops in the fall.

More at

Ron Alexander
Poetry Baron

Ron is a psychologist, long-term AIDS survivor, and poet. Much of his work reflects the absurdity he finds in living decades past his “Use-by” date. His work has appeared in journals including Arts & Understanding, Askew, Solo Novo, and Lummox3, as well as several anthologies, such as A Bird Black as the Sun: California Poets on Crows & Ravens, and To Give Life a Shape. One of four poems in a recent anthology, Poems 2 F*ck 2, “Zebra” inspired a short film of the same name by Paul Detwiler, which has been shown at LGBTQ film festivals in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

Laura Hemenway
Mistress of Song 

Laura graduated from UCSB in 1976 with a master’s degree in instrumental conducting. After a successful music career in Antelope Valley, she “retired” in 2009, and moved back to Santa Barbara with her husband, songwriter

 Dennis Russell. She plays cello with the SBCC Orchestra, sings in the women’s vocal ensemble “Lux,” and is a “regular” at Palm Loft Songwriter’s Circle in Carpinteria. Laura has served as Music Director for Out of the Box Theatre, has played cello with the Santa Barbara Folk Orchestra, and has served on the board for the Goleta Valley Art Association.

Poetry Editor

Emeritus from the graduate-level Professional Writing
Program at USC, where he taught fiction, humor, and editing courses for thirty-four years

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