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Fiction, art, and poetry from Santa Barbara and beyond.

Volume 7 Oh, Fortuna! August 2021

Chekov's gun by Shelly Lowenkopf ​

The Basket of Memories by Lori Anaya

The Maker's Eye by Nicholas Deitch ​

Table Dance Leap Day Babylon by Alexis Rhone Fancher ​

The Fortunate One Jack Eidt ​

The Artist and the Octopus by Stephen T. Vessels ​

The Fortune Teller by Silver Webb ​

Writing Memoir by Jane Tucker ​

The Cul-de-Sac by Matt Knutson ​

Phantom Christ by Katie Goodridge Ingram ​

The Bus Home by Terry Sanville

Magical Athleticism by Jeremy Gold ​

Lake, Swiss Alps, Grindelwald Destination

The Pair by Paul Willis ​

Kitsch Kills by Zane Andrea

Santa Barbara Literary Journal, Volume 7

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