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Santa Barbara Writer's Conference 2019: A Riveting Recap

Santa Barbara Writer's Conference 2019 has come and gone, a week-long whirlwind of writing and friends and fun. How did it go? Splendidly. I don't want to brag, but I'm kinda gonna! Several of our Lit Jo contributors were honored with awards, which made the conference all the more sweet.

Congratulations are in order to: 

SB Lit Jo Phantastic Fiction Award - Jesse Krenzel

Worst Sentence Award - Nate Streeper

Best Poetry Award - Isabelle Walker

Best Fiction Award - Nicholas Deitch

Writing Contest Winner in Poetry for "Last Time I..."- Ron Alexander

SB Literary Journal Phantastic Fiction Award

It was quite an honor to present the SB Lit Jo Phantastic Fiction Award for the first time. Volume 1 contributor and a winner of the Black Cat Award, Matthew Pallamary is a popular leader at the conference of the Phantastic Fiction workshop. This year we teamed up to present the award for a deserving story from Matt's workshop. We were both pleased to present the award to Jesse Krenzel, who was a contributor to Volume 3.

Silver Webb and Matt Pallamary presenting the Phantastic Fiction Award to Jesse Krenzel

Jesse won the award for his short story "Wall Paper," which will be published in Volume 4.

Jesse with the first and soon to be legendary SB Lit Jo Phantastic Fiction Award

I was honored to participate on the "4 Genres" panel, where I was asked to describe my best moment as the Editrix. I replied that it is creating events and publications in which writers I respect are given a platform to share their work with a broad audience. Add to that the joy inherent in celebrating writers like Jesse with an award...because honestly, who doesn't like an award?

Worst Sentence Award

Nate Streeper, Contributor to Volumes 1 & 3, received what may well be the highest honor of the conference, the "Worst Sentence" award. Just what did Nate write that was so dang awful?

“Long after she wetly kissed me and the wet lips floated in my thoughts I knew I wanted to be a writer.”

Nate reports, "I’ve never been so proud to write so poorly." We salute you, Nate, in a brief and deliberate residency at the bottom of the writer's barrel!

Mr. Streeper with the most coveted award of the conference!

Best Poetry Award

Isabelle Walker, a gifted poet and contributor to Volume 3, won the award for Best Poetry.

Best Fiction Award

Nick was a contributor to Volume 2, as well as Hurricanes & Swan Songs. He also wrote a great interview of Max Talley here.  I look forward to all that Nick will write, as his style is uniquely rich and well crafted.

Nick Deitch Accepting his Award, Grace Rachow, organizer & fearless leader, looking on

Poetry Contest Winner for "Last Time I..."

And the one that touched my heart the deepest, was the award the our very own Poetry Baron, Ron Alexander won for his poem about "The Last Time I...." This was a writing contest for the conference to which anyone could send a submission. In this case, Ron's poem was about the last time he saw his friend David alive. Did I tear up as he read it? The Editrix admits nothing! But I am terribly proud of Ron, who is an amazing poet and friend.

Ron Alexander reading "The Last Time I saw David Alive"

So, until we meet again next year, dear friends, I'm calling SBWC 2019 a wrap, and here is to much good writing accomplished between here and the next conference.

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